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We'll make your Erasmus+ experience unforgettable!

The Erasmus+ programme has been designed to allow EU students, educators and workers to improve the skills and boost their employability prospects through a fully-funded professional experience abroad. An opportunity that is too important not to be expolited to the fullest.


At Europlus Berlin we are committed to carrying out the most accurate matching between trainees and companies in order to ensure our candidates a challenging and highly formative experience in Berlin. We constantly monitor the tasks and responsibities being given to our interns to by the hosting organizations make sure they  are in line with the quality commitment guidelines issued by the EU Commission.

To this end we take a very selective approach towards the hosting companies and demand a very high standard of professionalism and respect in the handling of our candidates. Our team supports particpants from the weeks preceeding the candidates' arrival throughout their stay in Berlin.

From day one we support and guide the participants  in all aspects of daily life to facilitate their adaptation to the new foreign environment, while at the same respecting their need to feel independent. Furthermore, prior to the start of the internship placement we provide candidates with useful insights regarding their hosting organization to help them quickly integrate within their organizations and establish a positive relationship with their colleagues.

The well-being and comfort of the interns is the main goal of our activity. That's why, together with tailor-made internship solutions, we also provide the participants with fully equipped apartments located in some of the most central districts of Berlin and offer their accompanying staff a private single room in the same building, so that they can chaperon and control their students at all times.

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