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We'll get you the internship you deserve!

At Europlus we are committed to provide interns with the best internship solution available taking into account the project's goal and the candidates' aspiration. 

Internship placements are assigned according to the language skills, past work experience and educational background of the candidates. Based on the candidate's profile we contact the most suitable companies emphasizing on the candidates' language skills, their professional experience and their motivation.


As a final stage of the matching procedure, we organise a Skype interview between candidate and company. At the hosting company the intern's activity is then monitored by a company tutor. Furthermore, trainees can benefit from our continuous assistance throughout the entire duration of their stay.

Thanks to our growing network of trusted hosting organization we are able to provide traineeship position of various duration in the following fields:

- Gastronomy 


Graphic Design 


Marketing and Administration


Tourism (travel agencies, info points, hotels, hostels) 


Child education ( bilingual kindergarten)


Agricolture (Urban gardens, farms, greenhouses)

Translation/ Communication 

Art Management (art galleries)


Car repairing operators


Mechanical operators ( CNC machine tool operators)

Hair dressing and Beauty salons 



***You haven't found the sector your are looking for? No worries, just drop us a quick and tell us about it!

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